About Us

Our fire company was founded in 1960. Our members are volunteers who provide fire, rescue, and ambulance services to the residents of Newton and Ransom Townships in Lackawanna County, PA. We serve an area of 40.7 square miles, and around 4,300 residents in about 1,500 homes.

We are dispatched to around 500 calls per year through the Lackawanna County Communications Center via 154.310 Mhz.

Our Members

Administrative Officers

President: Erin M. Barrett

Vice President: Kelsey Landsiedel

Treasurer: Lisa Bewighouse

Recording Secretary: James Rau

Statistical Secretary: Erin M. Barrett

Sergeant at Arms: Weslet Latham

Purchasing Agent: Ted S. Stryweski

Fire Company Trustees

Chairman: Theodore S. Stryweski

Trustee: Sandy Rau

Trustee: John Frankowski

Trustee: Emmett Sherman

Trustee: Ralph Kettle Sr.

Trustee: Theodore D. Stryweski

Fire Company Line Officers

Chief: M. Jeffrey LaCoe

Chief 8-A: John Stemphoski

Chief 8-B Eugene Mancuso

Engine Captain 8: Ted D. Stryweski

Rescue Captain 8: Anthony DeCicco

Lieutenant 8-A: Steve Rakauskas

Lieutenant 8-B: Thomas Summerhill

Master Mechanic 8: Ted D. Stryweski

Master Mechanic 8-A: Wayne Ayers

Master Mechanic 8: Ted S. Stryweski

EMS Line Officers

Captain: Cody Stanco

EMS 8A: Kelsey Lansiedel

EMS 8B: Mia Vitali

EMS 8C: Danny Williams

Fire Police Line Officers

Captain: James Rau

FP Lieutenant: Wesley Latham

FP Lieutenant: Matthew Slovenkai

Ladies Auxiliary Officers

President: Marion Karanosky

Vice President: Sandy Rau

Treasurer: Jean Richards

Secretary: Nancy Madus

Chaplain: Marilyn Mirabelli

Relief Association Administrative Officers

President: John Stemphoski

Vice President: Ralph Kettle Sr.

Treasurer: John Frankowski

Secretary: Sylvia Gilpin

Relief Association Trustees

James Rau

Anthony DeCicco

Steve Rakauskas


Our apparatus consists of a Stuphen Engine (Engine-8), KME Rescue Truck (Rescue 8), Western Star (Tanker 8), Ford Tanker (Tanker 8-2), Chevy Brush Truck (Brush 8), Harsco (Brush Tanker 8), and a Chevrolet C4500 (Ambulance 8-9).

NRVFC in Action

From structure fires to car accidents and other EMS calls, we are dispatched to over 500 situations a year.